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What we do

We recognize your customers from Social Networks
and obtain actionable insights for your business.

Our proprietary technology scans millions of images every day.
We look inside the pixels to bring you useful information.
Each image contains valuable information about consumer habits.
We are able to search for your products, brands and logo.

By aggregating the information of thousands of images, we are able to
understand what is going on, predict trends and
obtain actionable insights about the your business.


90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual. Why not using it?


Looks like magic, but behind there is cutting-edge technology working properly.

Near Realtime

Our continuous process allows you to monitor and obtaining insights just when it happen.

Useful Insights

You will obtain ideas and actions that will be backed up by real numbers.

Logo Tracking

Our image-based technology allows you to go beyond hashtags and detect the presence of your brand and products during the day-by-day of your consumers lives.

  • Calculate your brand impact
  • Verify the presence of your logo
  • Discover where your products appear
  • Measure your ROI in sponsorship

Image Recognition

Images and videos are a richness source of information that currently is highly underutilized. Be the first among your competitors to take advantage on distilling all the knowledge from consumer habits

With our technology based on the latest Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence techniques, you will be able to easily understand what is going on on the pictures of your interests. For example, you can recognize the scene of the portrait, people's traits like age, gender and emotions, recognize from objects to dishes, animals and products.


The greatness of this solution is not only the visual attractiveness of the results. You can actually obtain meaningful information through the data. Your next decisions will be backed by the numbers and statistics of real data coming from social networks.

You can also categorize and add your own tags to the images, and cross-referencing the information with the rest of observations, like user tags, locations, and image insights. You will be able to filter and compare by dates, countries, cities, languages and topics.

In summary, you will be able to access a new variety of information that can help you take better decisions on your business.

Automatic Insights

We have developed a totally new framework adapted to your needs. Based on a set of images and posts, we automatically register and correlate all types of features, from time of the day to user relevance, retrieval of similar image contents and user tags and comments.

From all this data, we analyze and extract those patterns that are more representative, or even the ones that stands out from the common, which could occasionally become the next trends in the sector.

We also offer personalized reports made by our experts. Contact us if you want to receive more information about it.

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Flexible Plans

Select the plan that suits you.
Upgrade, downgrade, or cancel anytime.


Increase your Instagram community

9€ /mo

  • Automatic Likes Generator
  • Advanced Post Filtering
  • Protect yourself against Instagram limits
  • Keep and visualize your performance

  • 60 likes per hour
  • Unlimited number of , and


Evaluate the presence of your brand

59€ /mo

  • Search inside images
  • Visual Brand Awareness Report
  • Monthly Summary Report

  • 1 Logo
  • 10k posts/month
  • Unlimited number of , and


Discover insights of your community

199€ /mo

  • Competitors Benchmarks
  • Advanced Marketing Report
  • Weekly Summary Report

  • 5 Logos
  • 100k posts/month
  • Unlimited number of , and


Effective Actionable Plans

999€ /mo

  • Actionable Conclusions
  • Influencers Activity
  • Brands Protection and prevention

  • 25 Logos
  • 1000k posts/month
  • Unlimited number of , and

Each visual logo to track

+10€ /mo

Extra 10k posts/month

+10€ /mo

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Miguel Viñas
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